by ella guro

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night city 03:11
lost woods 06:51
the deep 01:32
wake up 03:30
flowers 02:03


a pseudo-narrative of unique and transcendent melodic experimental electronic music written by queer/trans multimedia artist & composer Liz Ryerson

extended version of EP YEAR ZERO (which was released in 2015). music written in 2013-2016. also features two bonus tracks.

this was originally planned as a vinyl + digital release that never ended up happening for various reasons. i will always hope for the possibility that this (or some other kind of physical release) might still happen in the future. but in the meantime, here is the music in its otherwise ideal and final form.

i’m really excited for everyone to hear this now. i’m so proud of all of this material and i hope you will be too! please share far and wide, and make sure to check out the track info as well. enjoy.

- Liz


(some influences: Aphex Twin, Björk, The Knife, Burial, obscure videogame soundtracks)

you don't have to be there, that moment and place in time and history that people talk about in hushed tones. you don't have to be in all the right cities at all the right parties with all the right people. i've never felt like part of a scene, even when i was supposedly in one.

don't worry about being there. be anywhere. be in the woods, or in a swamp, or in the desert, or in a field, or on a mountain somewhere. get lost. find the fires within yourself and keep them lit. burn as bright as the sun. then you will never go out.



released September 29, 2017

all tracks written and produced by Liz Ryerson, except 6, written by Jim Crawford and Liz Ryerson and produced by Liz Ryerson

track 6 is a partial arrangement of "Aqua Petzold" by Jim Crawford from the Frog Fractions 1 soundtrack
tracks 2 & 10 originally appeared on the Mirrormoon EP OST
track 7 originally for Robert Yang's game compilation Radiator 2

tracks 1-3 6, 10, originally featured on EP YEAR ZERO, released in 2015

cover art by Liz Ryerson



all rights reserved


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